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Residence Permit

Due to high amounts of refugees crossing European boarder and seeking asylum or residence permit in Finland, authorities and courts are swamped with cases. That has resulted to the long waiting time on asylum or residence permit decisions in Finland. The way to start asylum process is when the person arrives at the border of Finland they need to inform police of frontier guards that they are seeking an asylum. This will initiate the asylum process and the person is sent to a reception center where all asylum seekers are placed.

There is five possible way to acquire residence permit in Finland:

1) Studying reason.

2) Working in Finland. You need to have a job beforehand and will be able provide for whole family. Or you must establish a business to Finland.

3) You have family in Finland and will reunite with them.

4) Other reason. Usually a human trafficking reasons, you are dating and have intention to marry Finnish residence.

5) Moving back to Finland.

Then there is asylum process which can be started once a person has arrived to Finland and fears his or her’s life. Other reasons to apply for asylum is persecution due to political views, nationality, religion and similar fears.

In case a person is seeking to establish them self in Finland and are coming from other EU member state rules and process is different.

Our law office will help individuals on applying, appealing or with other proceedings regarding the asylum, residence permit or other immigration of your needs in Finland.

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